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Oil & Gas Production Specialists - Contract Services - Worldwide

oil and gas prosOur mission - Deliver specialized oil & gas production servicesOnsite and offshore - surface and downhole engineering design applications and troubleshooting and oilfield tooling solutions to operators worldwide.

Optimize well performance, equipment runlife and ROI.

Help reduce client OPEX.

Focus on safety, and effective communications.

Contracting by project turnkey or dayrate.

Production Artificial Lift

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Contract services:

Production artificial lift design & tooling solutions

Fluid treatment solutions

Reservoir production optimization

Turnkey data monitoring, trending, alarm sensor - downhole & surface - remote telemetry


Draft technology specs & evaluate bid proposals

Customized industry reports & surveys

Troubleshooting & Root Cause Analysis RCA

Advanced testing tools & procedures

Third party witness & inspection

Geophysical assessments

Coal Bed Methane CBM and Coal Seam Gas CGS technologies

Six Sigma processes - enterprise project synergies

Prevention Services - Production Controls Viral Hacking & Data Retrieval Espionage

Professional training - customized, measurable, objective driven.

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