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Davidson OilGas.pro & Associates are a global team of production specialists. Oil & Gas operators and service companies enlist our company of experienced engineers and operating pros on a contract basis to help identify & solve problems, benchmark, evaluate third-party proposals for both surface and subsurface applications, design/specify using best practices and technologies, plan, and deploy advanced artificial lift systems - onshore & offshore - in oil basins, worldwide.

As you scroll down, you'll find the bios of our leadership team of Principal Associates. Together with our regional associates and affiliates around the world, our oil & gas production artificial lift experience base is second to none in the industry. Through our formative years, the company tackled a number of industry-leading benchmarking & breakthrough projects, acquiring a breadth of expertise and best practices reputation- often filling the gap of artificial lift engineered application and tooling services that our oil & gas clients needed most.

Our advisory services mission to the industry - optimize production, minimize OPEX, always vigilent with regard to CAPEX investments, focus on safety, and performing right on target. Please take a look at some of the listings on the left column for examples of our capabilities. If it's specialized artificial lift services you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Why not contact us today? Let us know how we can help you with your next challenge.

David Davidson
Principal Associate
OilGas.pro & Associates

- Listening & understanding objectives
- Executing tasks on target
- Project recap & assessment

In the early stages of a project, you'll likely be interfacing with our key associates. Their responsibilities will be listen to your objectives, and better understand the problem sets that are to be addressed.Oil & Gas Professionals - OilGas.pro

Goals in this first stage are identifying the key takeways you're looking for, start assembling the workflow process, and putting together our team of specialists with an action plan.

The result will be to prepare a proposal on target with your needs. Following approval and contract, at least one of our key associates leads the project to achieve its goals.

Following successful completion of the project, our clients are presented a project recap of accomplishments, value achieved, and assessment how we can improve next time around.

Our goal: 100 % client satisfaction, translated into improving your production and financial performance. Simple as that.


 Key Associates - all with extensive work experience in oil operations around the world.

Ray Johnson

Ray is responsibile for supporting OilGas.pro clients in most areas of the world. (By early 2013, he will also be available for direct support for USA client operations).

He has 35+ years experience in the oil & gas industry. Since his early days at Reda Pump, Ray has worked with and been associated with some of the finest and most talented professionals in the industry.

The result has been a record of accomplishment. Achievements: business success for the oil & gas operators he has worked with, his fellow co-workers, and also the investors who have participated in his start-up companies.

Following a diversified number of key jobs at Reda ESP (11 years), Ray and his partners started Submersible Oilfield Services SOS and pioneered the development of both the ESP Variable Speed Drive and also flame spray corrosion coating technologies. The VSD product became a breakthrough technology for the production artificial lift ESP industry, and the company was purchased by Hughes Tool ( now Baker Hughes Inc.)

Subsequently, Ray and his partners started ESP Inc (ESPI), the predecessor of Wood Group ESP and today's GE Oil & Gas. ESP introduced many innovations to the industry. Examples:  new methods in horizontal pump testing, used motor testing, dry out of used motors, load testing protectors/seals and computer testing of cable repair, all done by testing the equipment integrating software with advanced algorithms to determine how new and used equipment performed and what could be reused to avoid expense  & repairs. This technology has helped to lower operating costs by hundreds of millions of dollars to operators running ESPs.

Since this time, Ray has been active in many roles related to oil & gas production. In the past seven years, Ray and his partners started another SOS company and built it into a fairly large testing, repair, and manufacturing company that Weatherford purchased in 2004.

In 2008, Johnson and his partners started another small service company to test, repair, chemically clean ESP equipment, selling it to Global Oilfield Services, who recently sold the companies to Halliburton.

Ray has been very active in introduction of new technology for the ESP product line and services over the last 30 years.

Ray is an important part of our success at OilGas.pro. We're all very fortunate to have in on the team and in a leadership role.

Ray's a graduate of Long Beach College, California.

DavidsonDavid Davidson

David is active supporting our oil & gas clients worldwide. He started his career with Halliburton in 1978 as an engineering intern through his college years. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, from Tulane University.

David brings over 25 years experience in the oil & gas industry. His early career in the 1980's was in rotating equipment, both surface and downhole systems for the water and oil & gas industries. From 1985-1986, he served with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office in the Washington DC area as a Patent Examiner in the fluid mechanics art.

He worked in drilling operations and management for
Noble Drilling through 1992. Following the first Gulf War, David worked in Saudi Arabia in a senior management role handling E&P equipment and services.

In 1996, he joined
Baker Hughes and held responsibilities in various management roles for 11 years. In 2007, he returned to the Middle East and worked as Vice President Operations, ATCO, Saudi Arabia on a contract basis, Consulting Optimization Specialist with Novomet-Dubai, and other production operations oilfield assignments throughout the world. In addition, David facilitates advanced artificial lift training programs for oil & gas operators worldwide, and is a specialist in optimization applications & operating forensics- Root Cause Analysis (RCA).

Primary engineering functionals supporting operators: troubleshooting production artificial lift operations, and helping solve challenging applications. David's professional practice specializes in unconventional oil & gas rock based production (versus reservoir) in shale oil, shale gas, and CBM/CSG basin development.

Currently, David serves on the 2013 Middle East Artificial Lift Forum (MEALF) committee, the SPE Controls Optimization committee, and the executive council for Praxis A.L. program. He is a frequent presenter at industry forums worldwide on the topics of artificial lift applications, systems diagnostics, reliability, and advanced controls integration & optimization. David serves as co-Chairman of the 4th annual Asia Unconventional Oil & Gas Conference.

David is also an important part of our success at OilGas.pro. We're all very fortunate to have him on the team and in a leadership role.

Arif JafferArif Jaffer

Arif (AJ) is a specialist in oilfield fluid chemistry, corrosion, surface treatment facilities, and water management. He brings 30+ years experience in senior engineering management experience and application solutions for oil & gas operators worldwide.

AJ holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University.

In recent years, AJ has completed a number of special subject matter expert assignments in the Middle East GCC region in oilfield production specific to utilizing advanced technologies in water treatment, scaling, and corrosion.

His career includes senior managment experience with
Baker Hughes, and a twenty-year career with Saudi Aramco, Dhahran as an Engineering Specialist.

He has developed proprietary software to predict corrosion and scaling. Also, Arif has authored and presented 40+ technical papers at industry conferences around the world. In addition, AJ developed a comprehensive five day course on Industrial Water Treatment, Desalination , and Disinfection which is available on a customized basis for presentation to oil & gas operators through OilGas.pro .

AJ is an important part of our success at
OilGas.pro. We are also very fortunate to have him on board as a key associate and team member.

A partial list of professional publications by Arif Jaffer:



"Application of Alliance Concept in Refineries and Petrochemical Plants" at the Petrotech 2006 in Bahrain, Jan. 2006


“A Novel Polymer for Effective Cooling Water Scale Control in Stressed Conditions” at the CTI meeting in Houston, TX, Feb. 2004


“Optimization of Corrosion Control in Alkaline Cooling Water Systems Through the Use of Organic Inhibitors” at NACE Conference in Bahrain, March 2004


“Improved Performance in Steam Plants with New Boiler Water Treatment Guidelines” at NACE’2004 in New Orleans, LA


Monitoring Microbiological Activity in a Wastewater System Using Ultraviolet Radiation as an Alternative to Chlorine Gas, NACE Meeting in San Diego, CA, March 2003


The Use of UV Radiation for Controlling Microbiological Fouling in Wastewater System, IWC Conference in Orlando, FL, December 2002


Polymer Corrosion in Boilers: Failure Mechanisms, Root Causes, Corrective Actions, and Monitoring Required, NACE Conference, Denver, CO, March 2002


Corrosion and Biofouling Control in a Refinery Cooling Water System Using Sewage Water as a Make-up, CTI Conference, Houston, TX, Feb. 2002


Use of UV Radiation as an alternative to Chlorine Gas for Wastewater Disinfection, IDA Conference, San Diego, CA, August 1999


Optimization of Water Resources in Saudi Aramco’s Industrial Water Systems, IDA Conference, Madrid, Spain, October 1997


Controlling Microbiological Fouling in a Refinery Cooling Water System Using Sewage Treatment Effluent as Make-Up, International Water Conference (IWC), Pittsburgh, PA, October 1996


Experience with Boiler Corrosion Using an All Polymer Program, NACE’96 Corrosion and Exhibition, Denver, CO, March 1996


New Chemical Treatment Program for Improved Performance and Higher Cycles of Concentration in Saudi Aramco Cooling Tower Operations, IDA Conference, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, October 1995


Corrosion Control in Steam Generating Systems, AICHE Symposium, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, July 1994 

DuerrMichael Duerr

Michael serves as Associate Geophysicist and in wellsite production supervision roles. In addition, Michael supports clients in evaluating oil & gas prospects for operating and payback assessments, and investment analysis.

Michael has 30 years of geological and wellsite supervision experience in the oil, gas, and mineral industry. He has worked with several Oil Independents and Texaco E&P.

Michael is a geology specialist in oil & gas development, exploration, and geological wellsite log analysis.

Early in his career Michael and his father Sid Duerr were successful in buying, selling, and operating oil and gas properties throughout South and West Texas. Michael originates the geological analysis that results in 3D surveys being shot and subsequent acreage being leased and drilled. Many of these newly found oil fields are successful. It's a professional testament that some still have long-term continuous drilling programs to exploit the reserves he found.

Michael is an important part of our success at OilGas.pro. We're all very fortunate to have him on the team and in an E&P leadership role.