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Example of objectives from a recent OilGas.pro operator CBM benchmarking services program:

• Compilation of all available coal bed methane CBM projects in analogous regions to operator's existing portfolio.
• A summary of the identified fields taking into account reservoir, well and operational parameters including:
• Reservoir parameters: thickness, depth, rank, gas content, dip, permeability, water content, reservoir pressure etc.
• Production well architecture: currently used well types, deviations, and completion type.
• For the above identified analogues, a summary of the artificial lift types used:CBM benchmarking - sample report
• Past artificial lift types used or placed on trial including performance data.
• Current artificial lift types including performance data such as: failure frequency, failure causes, time between workovers.
• Evolutionary comments around why the operators in similar basins worldwide made decisions around artificial lift concepts.

Click here, to view outline of sample CBM benchmark report. (pdf)

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