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What areas and countries do you serve? 
Answer: Worldwide service.  Sanctioned countries are the exception.

Are there particular production specialities that your clients contract you for?
Answer: Operations know-how, tooling and applications. Also advisory services on a wide range of subject matter. Artificial lift is an area of great interest, and that would also include fluid handling issues - solids, sand, emulsion, multi-phase flow, low API - also water treatment, gas injection, water injection and water disposal, etc. 

What other types of projects?
Answer: In terms of geology and reservoir, our associates supervise production wellsite operations, deliver geological assessments, and reservoir financial and production optimization analyses.

In terms of tooling, our associates are also involved in many functions. Technology transfer and integration to local oilfield market. Troubleshooting and RCA. Economic feasibility and evaluation. Equipment specification & standards. Factory inspection. Getting involved in innovating new products directly with an oil & gas operator and service company. Manufacturing plant audits (tooling calibration).

In terms of oil & gas financial services, our associates serve as investment financial advisors and facilitate project financing through venture capital partners.

Finally, our associates are active in supporting and providing input for client business plans and preparing special market reports with in-depth independent data and analysis. In addition, our associate base are skilled in performing customized professional training development and facilitation for production operator technicians, engineers, and management.

How about production optimization?
Answer: This is a growing area for us.  We're finding that operators need help updating the processes and systems they're currently using. Even more importantly, properly integrating what they may have purchased from an equipment vendor is another priority. Operators are also finding that these packages can become obsolete in a short amount of time, and parts harder to source. So there's a lot more to it than what may appear at first glance. We also get involved in recommending and specifying downhole data retrieval tools and gauges.

What about remote telemetry and COM systems?optimization technology
Answer: Yes - both for downhole and surface data. And you'll be getting an independent third-party perspective from us. We can recommend a range of approaches and options, and hence, we don't limit an approach to any particular vendor or systems integrator. So that type of inherent commercial bias is mitigated.

Also, here's another heads up to our industry and to operators looking to make these types of investments. As this technology moves foward - consider the virtues and vices of licensed vendor products versus open code,  and the adaptability for future operations upgrades. As you plan your next system retrofit or greenfield optimization project, there's also a good value case for those operators looking for some assistance to get us involved early.

What are some examples of surface data that you work with?
Answer: Vibration levels of rotating equipment. Transmitting of voltage and current draw. Even ambient tooling and equipment skin temperature. As you know, transducer technology these days is amazing. Monitoring is one of the fastest growing segments of interest to operators looking to upgrade their production facilities.

Do you have involvement in Coal Bed Methane and Coal Seam Gas Coal Bed methaneprojects?
Answer:  Yes, and here's a major reason why. Dewatering technologies have been developing for the past decade or so. And a lot of it has been by trial and error, -switching from one vendor to another while studying use of alternative artificial lift methods. An example would be early adopter use of PCPs, and facing a learning curve resulting in OPEX and CAPEX expenses far beyond originally planned, together with production losses, etc. Our associates are very experienced with many of the issues, problems and solutions across a lot of different fields in North America and worldwide. Once again, we offer an independent third party perspective to an operator. We make the value case to get us involved early on. For more information about our CBM benchmarking services, click here.

Can we contract your people over an entire project duration to be located on jobsite, or in our offices?
Answer: Yes, and this is often a choice.

What type of in-house contract job functions?
Answer: Mostly project management. We'd like to see more. Like helping operators with specialized in- house contract staffing handling facilities design support, commissioning , field service, engineering applications, water management, artificial lift design, specification/procurement support, geology and geophysics, COM and telemetry. We certainly have an experienced staff of associates available for these type of projects. And if an oil & gas operator is looking to update their training curriculum and facilitation, please let us know. This is another area of speciality we can help with. The message is that our people are pros, and enjoy these types of contract challenges.

Where are you based?
Answer: Short answer is digital. Much like the oilfield will increasingly be in the future!
Oil Gas Pro
Our associates are located worldwide. Our key associates - Ray Johnson, David Davidson, Arif Jaffer and Michael Duerr are based in Texas. David and Arif also reside in other parts of the world depending on project requirements. Like so many oilfield professionals, our associates can be on location at any point in time anywhere in the world. So the digital concept base works well for us.

Headquarters is Houston. We have affiliate relationships and agents in regions around the world. Offices in Panama, Bahrain and Bangkok. Contact us for further information.

These are interesting times as technology provides options to better connect with clients in both traditional offices and site operations. We see ourselves shifting even more so to utilizing communications technologies with our clients to their fullest.

For example, consider the ramifications of Microsoft's recent $$$ acquistion of Skype and partnership with RADVISION. We plan on utilizing the efficiencies and innovation of technologies like these to better serve our clients. The future will be exciting as these types of communication distribution efficiencies work through the physical brick and mortar offices and operation centers, combined with traditional systems of data, image and voice exchange that we use today. The oilfield digital age integrating these advancing COM and analytics/algorithims are still in its infancy. We see ourselves deploying these technologies rapidly with our clients.digital oilfield

Recently, we completed a project with a major operator with advanced video conferencing capabilities which helped team members from around the world to get together seamlessly. Even simple things like Skype video conference meetings are an efficient way to get together when it makes sense. The reality is that we are all on the go, and often make our office either at a client meeting room, jobsite trailer, offshore platform, at the airport lounge, or the hotel - and on weekends in our home office.  Our associates and clients seem to like the responsiveness, variety and flexibility that this offers. So let us know which communications platform you'd like to use.

What areas of artificial lift do you specialize?
Answer: These days, ESP and PCP systems account for about 60% of our projects. Gas lift about another 20%. The remainder such as Rod & Jet Pump applications and others make up the difference.

AssociatesWho are your associates?
Answer: When you first contact us about a project, we'll be working with you on needs development to understand objectives and measurables. You'll be interfacing with either Ray Johnson ( global scope, except USA),  David Davidson (global including USA) or Arif Jaffer - ('AJ' handles oilfield fluid chemistry and engineering applications globally).  If you're looking for geological expertise, Michael Duerr will lead. We utilize a large base of experienced professionals  (25-35 + years of oilfield know-how). Many have distinguished themselves in careers with major oil & gas operators, independents and oilfield service companies. Our associates are located around the world. Associates are nominated and assigned on a case by case basis after a thorough needs development case with the client prior to contract.

A link to our About us section of the website can be found by clicking here.

Who are your clients?
Answer: Oil & Gas operators - the majors, independents and smaller producers. We also get involved with financial investment companies, and oil service companies on special projects.

So we'd like to talk with you about what we need. Who do we contact?
Answer: Give David, Ray or AJ a call, or send an email to service@OilGas.pro If you've already been working with an agent or another associate, please feel free to contact them if you choose.

What happens then, after we've connected with you?
We invest the time together with you to thoroughly understand what you need. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, - right on target delivering to your expectations. Once we understand your objectives and are in agreement, we then draft a proposal to present for your review and approval.

Is there a cost involved to the proposal stage?
Answer: Typically not. In some cases, when we need to travel to complete due diligence ( recons, field sites, etc), then there may be costs involved. However, we are always upfront about costs and get your written agreement before any expenses may be accrued. Once again, in most cases, there are no fees to reach the proposal stage.

Is most of your work turnkey or dayrate?background about us
Answer:  About equal percentage.

What are your dayrate fees?
Answer: It depends on the duration of the work involved, the type of work, and the associates assigned to the task. We are in the range of about $750 - $2250 per day + req'd travel, etc.

What kind of operations troubleshooting services do you provide?
Answer: Identifying the problem(s) - which is a crucial element in the process of Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Afterwards, we work with you in identifying remedies, mutually select a course of action, and help manage the project, if required. For those companies with Six Sigma management processes, we like to work with your leadership ahead of roll out, and coordinate with your company's established best practices , methods and metrics.

We've got an outstanding group of pros making up our troubleshooting team, and
this proves time and again to be a valuable resource for our clients.

Something to keep in mind is that our input and assessments are independent. That can be a valuable advantage, and important contributing factor in working towards identifying problems and solving problems in teamwork with a client. It also often helps when we're involved in the follow through, actually helping execute the action plan with our clients.


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