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Our pros have extensive experience in providing investment counsel during M&A and business entry to exit due diligence. In addition, associates have broad experience in oil service startup partnerships, acquisitions, change management, and executing exit strategies.

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Tap into independent and in depth industry knowledge about the oil & gas business. Do you have all the input and analysis needed in your due diligence process to best price valuations to market?

If you're looking to sell, make an acquisition, or invest in a new entry technology - and value expert support, please contact us.

Our Principals and associates at OilGas.pro have successfully helped close and transition E&P related mergers and acquisitions, and also extend and share a unique experience base in the vibrant production artificial lift market segment. We know the in's and out's, and where to steer you clear of potential issues.

Looking for startup or enterprise synergistic technology- transfer investment opportunities?


• Complete Service Center commissioning - state of the art.
• Regional Market Specific Tooling Manufacturing - state of the art.
• Regional Production Optimization Control Automation Packaging Services - state of the art.

Start-up investments carry a significant risk-reward profile. Success requires insight into the valuable differentiating advantages of local-market & purpose- built manufacturing & service centers. Be assured, our pros have the unique experience base to help build your next regional profit center, adjacent most any producing oil & gas basin in the world.

Please contact us today, and let us know how we can help.


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